Oh! It´s a baby!


Well that happens to be one of our specialty too!

Planning an event is like telling a story. There is a beginning and there is an end. They say it takes a village to raise a child – and our experience, it also takes a village to throw a baby shower! So, we teamed up with Alina from die Ciuciu´s, who is one of the most creative photographers, and the wonderful and talented Zarah from Atelier Federleicht, to put together this stylish, Mediterranean inspired baby shower.

Yes, we love designing fresh and modern themes for the mom-to-be in mind.

Once you have a theme identified, we choose décor pieces to incorporate into your shower to bring the theme to life. The most important elements include signage, centerpieces, and props to help carry the theme throughout your set up. Our favorites are florals, candle holders and fabrics and of course the feathers. It really sets the tone for your event and can be created to compliment your color palette and anything you feel that compliments the style you are going for.

We loved the paper invites and name tags from Zarah. Invitations set the tone for your event and get your guests excited about the upcoming celebration. Email invites should only be an option if you are short on time.

The mom-to-be will also appreciate gorgeous photos of her celebration for years to come. A photographer will be the best person to ensure your story is recorded and captured. Thank you Alina for this amazing work.

And, our favorite favors are sweet! We are referring to this gourmet dessert station filled with delicious cake pops, baby feets and brams fondant confectionery, macaroons and lemon mousse! It will serve a focal point for your event space and as a sweet take home favor for your guests!

So you’re planning a baby shower? Whether you volunteered or were asking to plan/host the event, it can be a lot of work and be quite overwhelming at times to get it all together. Where do you start? What do you need to have and what are the most important things you need to know or remember.  We are happily ever after to design your very own story of your baby shower.

So, grab yourself some sweets, and raise a glass to this stylish mom-to-be baby shower.

Yours happily ever after, Natalie & Daniel

pictures by Alina from  www.ciuciu.at I fine art design & papeterie by Zarah from www.atelierfederleicht.at I concept & design by happily ever after